Times were and are indeed ‘unprecedented’ and havn’t brands let us know it. First come first serve now, by way of positive actions and messaging. Most people have had their lockdown struggles and strife and yet many of the same voices admit some aspects of lockdown were the retreat from the everyday crushing routine that we crave: the ability to re-set and spend time with loved ones and a period of enforced calm which modern working life just never allows.

What are the positive human experiences that brands could take forward from lockdown? Which are more relevant for corporate and which for consumer brands? How to prioritise at this time? Where would you start for the rest of this year – head above parapet or let your brand redefine its behaviour in response to market and competitor moves?


5 very human positives from lockdown….and some responses brands could make:

Peace and stillness – so perhaps brands actually don’t have to ‘be busy’ all the time?

Reflection and processing time– has there been a better time and space for brands to review and learn from their past?

Big picture thinking– goals, focus, dispensables – is it time for ‘having a strategy’ to re-enter our brand vocabulary? (Do brands still value having a strategy?)

Out with the old, in with the new– clean down, polish, re-invent or innovate, reconnect – a good time to review the basic principles of who and what should be part of a brand’s ‘valuable network’ and let some of it go?

S(he) who dares wins….speak now, and speak loud whilst the brandsphere remains quiet, uncertain, nervous?

8 Jun 20