Events, dear writer, events. Well words really. The year of the language revolution, prompted by a total redefinition of the workplace. The termination of some lingering professional terminology, currently being replaced by some 2020 relevant language. Pleased to see the back of some of it?

Thanks but bye bye….






Meeting room

Sticky flipchart.


And yet there’s some words and deeds we might miss…..


Office dog

Water cooler chat

Stationery cupboard

Face to face.


And surely the biggie….



I’ve had clients say how worried they are about this last one. Taking new people on with no ‘atmosphere’ or physical hub to belong to raises the prospect of a bunch of off-branders. Not necessarily though. Language has a big part to play in this. Every business should have reworked and rewritten their employee materials by now. Audience, content, channel, purpose, call to action.

What language and ideas will engage your employees? Out with the Pret, in with the …..?

18 Aug 20