About me An unusual mix of left and right brain, highly experienced across the branding spectrum and with instinct for what makes a great brand.

I did a Modern Languages degree and joined Interbrand as a graduate trainee, working across naming, strategy, corporate identity, internal brand engagement and brand valuation, in UK and all over the world. I was Director of Naming and then New Business Director before leaping client-side to become Head of Brand at Which? There I led a corporate re-brand internally and externally.

I have over 27 years’ experience as a brand consultant. Self-employment has given me the freedom to do what I love – with a singular focus on creating and refreshing brands. Clients get big agency training in a more efficient package. The sharp bit where insight becomes strategy becomes creative idea still gives me a thrill and I’m equally deft at both the strategic stuff and picking up a creative pen to craft names and straplines. Put me on my feet in front of an anti-brand Board and I’m strangely happy.

I live in Hampshire in the New Forest. When not working, I love to run (former marathon runner, now trying to hang on to my hips and knees), tap dance and walk across the Forest. I am an NHS volunteer and work shifts at the Lymington food bank. I am half Australian, have lived in Hong Kong and Spain and my spiritual home is Andalucia. I don’t like beetroot and I still can’t really do fractions and percentages.

6 interesting facts about my business

1 I was a finalist in the 2022 YunoJuno Freelance Strategist of the Year Awards, an eclectic shortlist of talented brains (and me). If you are reading this and you put me forwards for the award, thank you – I never found out who you were.

2 I write a little - quietly and mostly unpublished - and won a travel writing competition a few years ago. There’s a few poems hidden away, a book in my head and a newspaper column that I don’t have the confidence to pitch. I’m also strangely obsessed with the use of the subjunctive in Spanish. So I’m always happy to discuss the topic of brand and language, even though I choose not to work professionally as a copywriter these days.

3 If you send me a 25-page contract that will take longer to read and negotiate than the actual work we may do together, I’ll raise a very polite but really visible red flag and perhaps suggest your lawyers look at it again. Some things just can’t work for sole traders. Having the experience to say no or go with gut feel is part of what I do (and I expect the same from clients).

4 I get involved with mentoring the next gen of brand consultants and love doing so, so give me a call if you know young people who want to get in to the branding industry. Sometimes they know what it is, sometimes not, but they always teach me something along the way too.

5 I am not a designer sadly, nor a trade mark lawyer (this means I can’t create logos or clear names for use and registration). I partner with brilliant people if you need these things. We may have a robust conversation however if your view is that ‘brand = logo’.

6 The brands I would most like to work with are: Qantas, Graceland, RM Williams, the NHS, Jimmy Choo, Chewton Glen and Dogs Trust.