I’m a senior brand strategist specialising in corporate and brand positioning, brand architecture, corporate and brand naming and straplines. I work directly with brand owners and teams at brand and design agencies, large and small. In a nutshell, I define businesses and brands, craft the ideas and words and set the ‘positioning’ before the design, communications and marketing can begin.

I work across all sectors and can be part of your team on a short-term freelance basis to crack a naming nightmare, or longer-term to unpick and package up the essence of a business or brand.

More about my work

Insightful strategic thinking and beautifully creative ideas to establish or re-energise businesses and brands.

Who I work with

Businesses & brands whatever your sector or size, b2b or b2C, your best shot at getting noticed is to unlock an insight and set the brand narrative based on a distinctive truth.

Maybe you are a start-up or looking to refresh your brand? Defining the brand and creating an impactful name is where it all starts. I work with CEOs and Marketing/Brand Directors to ensure brand is at the boardroom table and fighting fit to win customers and build reputation.

Agencies be it a day or two, or on long-term contract, freelance brand strategist and namer for hire. Bolt me on to your team and bolster your brilliance.

Remote or in-house collaboration with brand consultancies and design agencies, client-facing or the invisible ingredient – I help the sticky get unstuck, add some client-neutral eyes and ears and couldn’t care less about titles, awards or internal shenanigans.

My clients

Businesses   Agencies

Galvanizers Association
Atom Bank
Arcmont Asset Management
Sir William Perkins’s School
British Airways
Birds Eye
Capital London
Comic Relief
Hewlett-Packard (HP)
General Motors
Standard Life
Spencers New Forest
Posten Norge
Ernst & Young
British Gas
Healthcare Brands International
Land Rover
Close Brothers
Investors in People
Hensley Partners
Mr B & Friends
We Pioneer
Circus London
The Art of Branding
Make Studio
7 Dots
Hundred Brands
David Carroll & Co
Mega Agency
Wolff Olins
Williams Murray Hamm
Plum Brands
Anthem Worldwide
Haines McGregor
Landor & Fitch
Fin International
Conran Design Group
Coley Porter Bell
Butterfield Harris
The Escape
Bright & Bold

Testimonials I tend to work with senior marketing and brand people or strategy and creative teams inside agencies. Here are a few comments from clients and colleagues I have worked with. I am always happy to put you in touch with past clients so you can ask some pointed questions.

“We brought Suzanna in as a specialist to lead thinking on a particularly knotty brand strategy piece for a luxury hospitality client of ours. She is a rare find in the world of brand strategy, blending a business and commercial head with a lot of experience in crafting brand positioning and bringing it to life with beautiful words. She got up to speed with our client and their strategic challenge in double-fast time, she listened hard and her thinking took the client on a journey towards the future, whilst preserving heritage and equity in their brand. We also really enjoyed having her as part of the WePioneer team and introducing her to the client. I hope we can work with her again when the right opportunities present”.

Bryony Simpson, CEO and Founder – WePioneer

“I worked with Suzanna at Interbrand several centuries ago and I’ve worked with her in our various guises since then over the years. Basically she’s really good at strategy and naming, tricky things like that. She does some thinking and wordy stuff and then I do some pictures and other stuff. It works well and clients like it”.

David Carroll – Founder, David Carroll & Co

“The Escape team has worked with Suzanna on strategy projects – initially for a client in the sports industry and then also to help us as an agency redefine our positioning in the market. Suzanna helped us to articulate a big, bold idea and our purpose and personality. She is a very skilled facilitator and really quick at getting under the skin of a business and teasing out the important stuff – as well as helping a business start prioritising the things that really matter when it comes to communicating a brand to key audiences. I very happily recommend her as a strategist to any client or brand / design agency needing a sharp brand thinker on their team”.

Ian Mumford – CEO, The Escape

“Suzanna worked with us on the re-brand of Bought By Many to Many Pets. She understood our business plan and objectives moving forward and helped us to develop and consider strategic options for rebranding and how those could come to life through naming. She has a fantastic grasp of how to bring business strategy to life through brand strategy and cuts straight to insightful, honest consultancy. I would wholeheartedly recommend her work”.

Ryan Wheaton – Global Creative & Brand Director, Many Pets

“Formerly the BlueBay Private Debt business, we needed to create a new brand as the business became independent. Suzanna quickly took on board our business strategy and philosophy, as well as the nuances of our market and the needs of the businesses we work with. She took this through to identifying a naming strategy and objectives with us as well as a number of potential creative routes our new corporate name might reflect. She delivered us wide-ranging and interesting creative options, all of which reflected aspects of our new brand as well as the personality and tone of the business. She has a very in depth understanding of matters trade mark and cultural in relation to names, meaning that from the start she guided us towards names that were likely to have a higher chance at being available to use and protect. We chose the name ARCMONT from her recommendations, which beautifully encapsulates our principles of relationship-building with our partners and delivering responsible and sustainable capital solutions”.

Anthony Fobel – CEO, Arcmont Asset Management

“It’s always a pleasure working with Suzanna, which I have done many times on both brand strategy and naming projects. She gets under the skin of a brief in super-quick time, works alongside strategists, creatives and client services seamlessly and always delivers on and beyond the brief. Her creativity is always built on robust strategic thinking”.

Millie Rowe – Senior Strategist, Pearlfisher

“Suzanna has worked with me as a freelance consultant for in the region of ten years, and I’ve known her professionally for almost 25. In that time, she has consistently produced high quality work that has brought perspectives I hadn’t thought of, helped me out of tight spots, delivered copious quantities of names, and introduced rigorous lines of questioning – sometimes all at once. Her ability to turn around a quantity of high quality names is unmatched, and her skills extend across a range of strategic disciplines, from positioning to architecture. Discipline is a hallmark of Suzanna’s approach – steeped in branding best practice, she is a true professional”.

James Withey – Executive Director, Strategy and Innovation, Landor&Fitch (EMEA)

“I’ve worked with Suzanna for over 27 years, on a range of brand strategy and naming projects. She has an excellent set of consultancy skills; the ability to get up to speed and critique a brief quickly and astutely and the rigour to frame strategic issues and ask the right questions. She has an instinctive ability to turn strategic insight in to great creative ideas. She’s a pleasure to work with: diligent, dependable and with a good sense of humour”.

Andy Milligan – Founding Partner at The Caffeine Partnership & Managing Partner at Smith+Co

“Suzanna defines flexible ways of working freelance… happy to work solo and come up with the branding goods or act as a phenomenal facilitator extracting the very best out of a disparate and on occasion inert audience… I wish I could work more with Suzanna and cherish the times we do”.

Richard Baxter – Group Business Director, Jones Knowles Ritchie

What I do

I work for the good of your brand.

I tailor process and deliverables to fit business goals and advise when I think internal ‘noise’ or faux deadlines are taking a misplaced lead. Time and space to think matters (it’s why people buy me) – without it, strategy and creative can’t be at their best. Together we work out what you need, where I might fit in and how best to get the job done.

More about what I do

About Me All my life I have wanted to be a 747 pilot or A &E Consultant. Back in the real world I’ve been a brand consultant since 1996 and, after big consultancy life and a spell client-side, freelance since 2005. I have an interest in how businesses and brands reach out to people and make a difference, be that on an individual or societal level. A career in strategy has let me play at the interface of brands and people and bring insight and ideas to life.

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