COVE (a place of self-isolation and quarantine, formerly known as home)


LOVID (new adj: feeling a little low in these unprecedented times)


COVING (1: – the gerund ending conveys a pro-active and energetic new verb, denoting an as yet undefined new lifestyle, eg: ‘This week end I shall mostly be coving it’.2: – a currently over-subscribed item the B&Q website almost certainly can’t supply)


COVIDA (coined associative name. Covid-induced co-habitation, coined from the root word for ‘life’ in Latin and many European languages. Source of a divorce lawyer’s billings for many years to come)

ROVID (a fellow citizen who seems unable to stay home and prefers to rove widely, thereby not protecting the NHS nor saving lives)

CLOUD 19 (a state of uncontrollable and rampant euphoria created when a bunch of humans leave their COVES)

RECOVID (new adj:evokes a Groundhog Day-like nightmare whereby The One Show does Covid every evening at 19.00 hours)

COVAD (a 30 second atl statement of inappropriately repackaged brand ‘purpose’)

CO-19 (a name for a new kind of agency – comprising a virtual cluster of just under 20 formerly successful brand consultants rendered unemployed by current halt of marketing budgets. Stands for (great) co-operation, (great) co-working and (great) communication. The numeric conveys the likely number of months that will elapse before their first profitable project)

COVID.COM (remarkably, an Arizona based trusted audio-visual connectivity solutions provider for nearly 40 years. Yet more remarkably, an image of 2 humans shaking hands remains on the ‘Become a Reseller’ page)

CORONA (a fairly decent pale lager that needs the best brand and marketing heads in the business to deal with current naming issue, as well as an SEO push. Otherwise known as 2 sides of the branding opportunity/major f-up coin)

27 Apr 20