Letter G and language – missin’ you already

6 Mar 24

Gee……the missin’ letter G in our language, in fact.

25 is the new and fashionable 26.  It’s been a little while now and I’m missin’ you in an alphabetic sense. I do quite miss number 7. It kind of sat there looking graphically interesting and causing low-level problems for native Spanish speakers (I only relish this because their subjunctive still riles me 34 years after I started learning – and frankly I’m jealous of their culture, food, weather, shoes, modo de vivir, fiestas…..so fair’s fair).

Should we hold some kind of celebratory service for it and invite the other 25? A very broad representation would attend, including some mainstream brands currently engaging in above-the-line on the format formerly known as terrestrial television. I’d be there, holding hands with 6 and 8, who have flanked 7 admirably since somewhere around their 1800 BCE inception.

Our letter 7, the formidable letter g, has departed – at least in its gerund form.

F that. I’m gettin’ back to strategisin’ and namin’.

And reflectin’ that language lives and morphs. It’s a happier Wednesday thought than the budgetin’. And obviously nice to wield the apostrophe by writin’ about it….but that’s a post for another day. MissinG you.