Why I do what I do (brand consultancy)….

14 Feb 23

I’ve recently been working on a cracking strategic/creative problem alongside some colleagues of old. Brand consultancy flash back….

The brief has its challenges and in many ways ‘all the client stuff’ has changed, well, not in the slightest over the years.  In a nifty pick-apart of the brief we got right back to doing what we used to do and 2023 has somehow felt remarkably like the best of the 90s (minus the Gold card and expense account clearly)….mostly due to the mutual trust and innate understanding of what needed to be done between us. We have worked around each other’s lives with respect and frankly, there was no nonsense or time wasting, plenty of laughs and lots of good ideas along the way.

I did not send my Terms at the start of the work, I didn’t need or want to. By way of return, they have paid my invoice less than 2 hours after it was sent. Freelancer gold. You know who are are.

So, reason number 1 for why I do what I do….the friendships, working relationships and sheer brilliance of the brand consultancy network.

Other than income, why do you bother?