Brand Strategist’s charter 2023

4 Jan 23

This Brand Strategist declares the following this new year….

More in 2023:

Agencies / consultancies that are nice and warm to their freelancers and value working together for the good of the client (warning: this comes with allocating time and effort from both sides)

Being brave and bold – saying no/yes (delete as appropriate)

Local networking and briefs (south coast brands need some stuff too)


Less in 2023:

Responding to projects that ‘need to start tomorrow’ (they don’t and inevitably won’t), or emails from people I’ve never met asking for process, timings and costs (with no brief attached)

Giving thinking away for free (exceptions: some healthcare and charities of choice, or you’re a dog)

Vast contracts that can’t be signed due to the same old IP clauses unsuitable for strategy/naming work and that need to be turned around in 2 hours before a briefing call. Just no.

That sounds straightforward? This Brand Strategist will report in in 11.5 months……