Language matters

16 Aug 23

I’ve been thinking about language and how parlance shifts, changes and adapts to ‘the times’. Depending on our time of life, our reaction to these changes – and how they reflect our perception of culture – may be more or less acute. Ten examples below of before and after innovations in English parlance that in recent years have stood out like huge linguistic pimples:

“Thanks for getting in touch” “Thanks for reaching out”
“The thing is that….” “The thing is, is that, ……”
“I’m excited about…” “I’m excited for….”
“I” “I myself”
“I’ll get back to you” “I’ll circle back”
“So….” All sentences that don’t need to start with “so”
LOL Mostly things that aren’t that hilarious
“Let’s be clear” I’m about to lie, or employ avoidance. Anything but clarity
“It’s the right thing to do” It quite clearly is not the right thing to do, or I have no idea. Either way I’ll take a robust tone and sound convinced
“Smashed it from the park / killed it” It was not bad and sorted something.
“Whatevs” You bore me, or I bore myself.


Those of us that work with language and business / brands day in day out are probably over-sensitive

to linguistic change, but given language is a gift so many of us are lucky enough to use and

understand, it’s interesting that we don’t in general comment, analyse and react.